Adults: 6 Minute English - Telling Jokes

  • 2015.11.17 Tuesday
  • 15:15
Some people are funny whatever they do. Others... well, when they try to make us laugh all they do is embarrass themselves. Alice and Neil discuss humour and teach you related vocabulary. Neil is a bit of a comedian but will he manage to make Alice laugh?

You can listen to the audio here.



get something (idiomatic)

joke or funny story

stand-up comedy
a type of comedy where a comedian performs in front of and talks directly to their audience

being too interested in yourself – for example your appearance or other personal qualities

wanting to be successful in your chosen career

unusual or special

to keep on trying to achieve something even when it’s difficult

work harder than everybody else

people who are generally quiet and more interested in their own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people

people who are generally lively, outgoing, and enjoy the company of others

This week's question

Which Greek word means the study of laughter and its effects on the body? Is it…

a) risology?

b) gelotology?

c) comology?

You can check your answers by reading the transcript here.
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    Adults: 6 Minute English - Plastic Shopping Bags

    • 2015.11.10 Tuesday
    • 11:13

    The impact of plastic

    This weeks 6 minute English is all about recycling and plastics. The UK government has recently introduced a small charge of 5pence (about 12yen) on plastic bags in English supermarkets to try to stop people using them. Neil and Alice take a look at the environmental impact of mass-produced plastic bags and plastic in general. They also teach some related vocabulary.

    Listen to the audio by clicking here.



    a new plan for dealing with something

    someone who collects large amounts of something and finds it hard to throw things away

    gradually break down by natural chemical processes

    block something

    able to break down naturally in a way that isn't harmful to the environment

    a small amount of a chemical added to something to improve it

    a place where our rubbish is buried under the earth

    small plastic fragments less than 5mm in size


    tiny little animals in the sea other sea animals feed on

    food chain
    a series of living things where each group of creature feeds on the one below it in the chain


    This week's question

    How many tonnes of plastic rubbish from the UK is being sent to China each year for recycling? Is it:

    a) 20,000?

    b) 200,000?

    or c) 2,000,000?

    You can check the answer by reading the transcript here.


    Bonus Question

    Can you think of any new recycling inititives that Japan is introducing in the future? Or perhaps, some recently introduced inititives. What are the pros and cons of these inititives? 


    Do you like Origami? Try this Halloween Origami!

    • 2015.10.27 Tuesday
    • 15:22

    If you like Origmai, why don't you try this Halloween origami? There are intructions in English, with videos, but you can also change it to Japanese if you have trouble. 

    Click here for the English instructions.