Adults: 6 Minute English - 100 Women

  • 2015.11.27 Friday
  • 15:23
The BBC is offering women around the world a voice to discuss the issues they care about. Catherine and Li talk about the programmes and debates about issues as diverse as the right of Indian women to use the toilet for free, to women who opt out of motherhood.

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(here) talked about

without children

(bere) the way you are expected to behave

unfair treatment of people who belong to different groups, e.g. male and female

at the core
in the centre

urinate, pass water

treating somebody unfairly because of their gender


This week's question

How many female heads of state or government do we have now, in 2015? Is it:

a) 9

b) 19

c) 29 your answer by checking the transcript here.