Adults: 6 Minute English - Student Life

  • 2015.12.15 Tuesday
  • 14:51
Leaving home to start life at university is an exciting time for many young people but very challenging for some. Alice and Neil discuss the psychological pressures of making this big transition. They also teach some related vocabulary.

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through rose-tinted spectacles
seeing a situation as better than it really was

out of your comfort zone
being in a situation that you aren't familiar with and which makes you feel nervous

professional help with personal or psychological problems

missing your family and friends when you're away from home

pressure or worry caused by a difficult situation

balancing act
where you try to give your attention to two or more things at the same time

look after yourself
be responsible for or take care of yourself

planning how much money you have and how you will spend it

anxious and worried


This week's question

In a survey of students at Imperial College London, how many students said they suffered from high levels of stress or a mental health condition during their time at college? Was it…

a) 1 out of 4?

b) 2 out of 4?

c) 3 out of 4?

Check your answers by checking the transcript here.

Adults: 6 Minute English - Shakespeare

  • 2015.12.08 Tuesday
  • 14:51

Is Shakespeare better in plain English?

A Shakespeare festival in Oregon has commissioned 'translations' of his plays into plain English. Plain English is the term we use when we want simple English to be used, instead of high level or poetic English. Of course, the language of Shakespeare's plays can be difficult, but is it a good idea to change his plays into simple English? Listen to experts talking about Shakespeare and learn new vocabulary.  

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to pay writers for their work

words in another language

(here) simple, easy


to have strong feeling or impression

many different types

the sense
the general meaning

the speed something is done


This week's question

What was the first language that Shakespeare's plays were translated into?

a)    French

b)    German

c)    Portuguese

Check your answers by checking the transcript here.

Bonus question: Have you ever read any of Shakespeares works? If you have, write a short paragraph about the story. Did you enjoy it? Was it difficult for you to understand?